Amazing Layered and Improv Cello Recordings

Having acquired skills in many genres - most notably pop, rock, jazz, classical, and film - I feel equipped to help you get the recordings you're looking for. From simple support to fire leads to layered textures, I believe my cello parts will help your song hit.

"WORK WITH THIS MAN - Justin is an Incredible Cellist who OVER delivers.  

Like you I had never met or herd of Justin until choosing him on sound better. Justin took the time to make my music better, he is an absolute professional and his playing absolutely elevated my work. If you are lucky enough to work with Justin he will elevate your music too. Absolutely brilliant.” - Martin Wykes, client on SoundBetter.


If you're interested in having exceptional cello parts for your song or project, look no further. Having played on hundreds of projects, and being dual skilled in production, I feel confident I can bring your song (more) to life with my cello parts.

Feel free to peruse some of my performances and see if my style fits your project. I enjoy helping everyone get the best out of their music, and this is cello you won't get anywhere else! Send a message if you have a song and we can start discussing its future.

"Justin's work is pure perfection! The love and dedication he puts into each project is just wonderful. I have been working with him for a couple years almost and he is still the best session player here on fiverr and he is a great dude. Highly recommended!” - Gunnar Spardel, client on Fiverr.


Justin applied is his heart and musical sense to my written cello solo and made it 100 times better that it was otherwise. Hire him!!!!

- Craig Bachman, recording client.