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Remote Recording

Justin Lepard Psychedelic Cello

Get Better Recordings

One of the talents I've cultivated as a cellist is a high level of audio production. Most of the time, recording cello and strings can be very difficult to mix well, especially to get loud, because the sound of the instruments is very complex and even noisy. Boosting the bass can cause woofing problems, and taming the harsh highs can lead to muddy or overly-processed sounding parts. I've solved that issue and more.

Features of Recording With Me

  • Cello is recorded by a stereo microphone capturing a clean and dry room sound, as well as a close mic running through a tube amplifier to get a nice beefy, full, loud, clear cello sound

  • I can overdub to record whole orchestral sounds, from bass to violin, with no phase cancellation issues that usually plague overdubbing

  • All parts come trimmed and ready to be mixed in easily

  • No written parts required, I can compose any style you'd like for your strings, and improvise lead lines or stylistic solos where appropriate

  • Will provide you with the correct bit rate and file type for maximum compatibility with your project

  • I use Logic Pro X and Ableton Live for project sharing

Example Project

Original Audio

My Parts Dry

Finished Song

*I encourage you to skip around to different parts of the song

Soundbetter Reviews

Want Great Cello Samples?

A custom sample library I recorded with the engineer Philip Zach is now out! You can use it to save time with backing parts, compose cello for recording, or novel sound design, to supplement my recordings or just explore the cello sound first.

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