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Remote Recording

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Looking for something unique?

Don't think of me as a cellist so much as a creative track magician. During my days touring Europe playing contemporary classical music I picked up a great variety of extended techniques and effects. Through working with pop and cinematic composers, I have a great arsenal of stacked cello combos that fill out the space and add warmth and texture. As a dedicated improviser myself, I take pride too in leads and through takes that fit the emotion and fill in the nooks and crannies of a track to help it blossom into its full potential.

Features of Recording With Me

1. Great sound, arrangement, and recording engineering you'd expect from a professional

2. Immense creativity towards your project

3. Style tailored to your piece - can send any reference track to match
4. Easy-to-mix arrangements, sensitive to the frequency spectrum of the project
5. No need to edit anything, and easy to load

6. The benefit of a real tube preamp (a natural mic is used too)
6. Unique improvisation ability for 20th century popular music forms
7. Small or large string ensemble size (cost scales with amount of required overdubs)
8. Mixing and mastering option if you have a string-only composition

Finally, I feel it's helpful to say I'm very interested in wave physics and how that affects music production. As such, I like to think my parts are uniquely effective at helping a production come to fruition through cello parts that enhance the total resonance of the song. This influences everything from room setup, mic'ing, gain stage, arrangement, performance, and guaranteed phase alignment between section parts.

Have something inventive, creative, or experimental in mind? Hit me with it!

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Example Project

Original Audio

My Parts Dry

Finished Song

*I encourage you to skip around to different parts of the song

Soundbetter Reviews

Want Great Cello Samples?

A custom sample library I recorded with the engineer Philip Zach is now out! You can use it to save time with backing parts, compose cello for recording, or novel sound design, to supplement my recordings or just explore the cello sound first.

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