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Lepard String Duo

Live String Music for Private Events

About Us

The Lepard String Duo is an in-demand duo for private events and weddings in the greater Portland and Los Angeles areas. Having cultivated a quite expansive repertoire over the years, the pair (who are married) has developed a niche for lively and custom private concerts. Alexis, also classically trained, specializes in fiddle, folk, and pop music, while Justin brings jazz and improvisational knowledge to add energy to the accompaniment parts.

Key features of our performances include:

  • A wide breadth of repertoire in fiddle, folk, classic rock, and pop styles (including modern songs), jazz, and classical

  • Customizable concerts; choose which genres you prefer, and we can always accommodate several requests for your favorite songs even if we do not yet know them (we love learning new songs)

  • Flexible setup; from two acoustic musicians in chairs to fully amplified musicians filling a larger space, we are equipped to handle a variety of event setups

Lepard String Duo
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