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Justin Lepard
Psychedelic Cello

A New Type of Cellist

Most of the time when a cellist plays non-classical music, it is considered "crossing over" from classical, and they bring with them classical sensibilities to phrasing and arrangement. This is fine in its own way, but where I've found my niche is in approaching music like a guitar player or pianist, using my ear, intuition, and experience to improvise and compose. I play live string music as a duo with my wife on violin, and am an online recording cellist for clients and social media.

Career Highlights:


  • Recorded for movies including Bad Boys III (2020), The Invisible Man (2020), Togo (2019), Safe House (2023), Oh Crappy Day (2021), and more

  • One million views on TikTok

  • One of the most viewed intro cello tutorials on Youtube

  • Toured Switzerland and Europe with the Lucerne Young Performance Ensemble 2015-17

  • Performed with top conductors such as Simon Rattle, Jeff Tyzik, Matthias Pintscher, Keith Lockhart and more

  • Performs full time as a duo with my wife on violin on the west coast

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