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This is the website of cellist, improviser, and composer Justin Lepard, aka Psychedelic Cello. Here you’ll find everything you need for your modern cello needs, from contemporary and pop cello playing to remote recording cello session work



About Me

An Eclectic Origin

I’m Justin, an eclectic cellist, collaborator, and film soloist based in Southern California. I have recorded remotely on over 100 songs, and as a soloist for films including Togo on Disney+ and The Invisible Man. Hailing from Nebraska, I desired an eclectic musical output from an early age, and have gone through many musical phases, from songwriting and classical to contemporary classical and jazz, and most recently to modern film/experimental and pop playing. As a contemporary classical cellist, I got the opportunity to tour with the Lucerne Festival young performance ensemble before moving to Los Angeles to pursue original artistry and recording production. My original music is a mix of electronic elements and experimental cello; it delivers music with a high emotional impact. 

From Lucerne To LA

Experimental Improviser

Film music has a long history of using experimental, avant garde sounds to deliver something of greater emotional impact that typical music. For this reason my experience with different textures and ways of expressing myself musically come into play in film. My first film was recorded only three weeks after moving to California, after the director of a short film heard me performing and asked me to provide music in the same vein as saxophonist Colin Stetson. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of being part of several films, often as a soloist, but also as an ensemble member. The Game of Thrones theme was written by cellist Cameron Stone, who was in the same orchestra as I was recording for Bad Boys 3 last year. 

Togo (2019)Cello Texture and Solo
00:00 / 01:36
Cello CompositionHuman Sun (2018)
00:00 / 01:11
Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Solo Covers

Pop and Jazz based on Bach

One of my early dreams playing cello was to be able to do solo arrangements of songs the way I heard guitar and piano players doing. It’s not as straightforward as it is on those instruments because of the bow, but you can really get creative - and using Bach as inspiration goes a long way. I gladly use this side of my playing to do solo pop performances for various events. If you’re interested in getting a quote click the button below. 

Put Your Head on My Shoulders - Paul Anka

"It wasn’t just great, it was AMAZING! I will DEFINITELY rebook. Professional, prompt, and very polite. Thank you very much, you truly are AMAZING.” - Asia Salazar, client through Gigsalad.

Lullaby of Birdland - Jazz Standard


Original Music

Experimental Cello And Electronics

Although I am, and probably always will be, a cellist first and foremost, writing music is really what got me into music. There’s a special relationship between making your own music and hearing it. I think it informs playing other composers’, producers’, and songwriters’ works to feel like I can get inside their mind, as though I’m playing surrogate cello for them. I like to express some sort of meditative state with intensity, and I fuse electronics and experimental cello to get something interesting. 

Roar of the AnimalsPyschedelic Cello
00:00 / 04:29
Purr of the AnimalsPsychedelic Cello
00:00 / 04:46
Where We Really ArePsychedelic Cello
00:00 / 01:04
SpacewalkPsychedelic Cello
00:00 / 02:47

Online Lessons

Sharing All I've Learned

After a video I made at the end of 2018 went semi viral early in 2020, I’ve been making lesson videos for a youtube channel called Consordini. The first video has over 60k views, and we have made a couple dozen lesson videos covering a variety of topics. As someone who has intensely explored diverse aspects of playing cello for more than a decade, it’s rewarding to share my experiences in the hopes it can inspire others to develop their own relationship with the instrument. Reach out if you’re interested in a one on one remote lesson.



"WORK WITH THIS MAN - Justin is an Incredible Cellist who OVER delivers.  

Like you I had never met or herd of Justin until choosing him on sound better. Justin took the time to make my music better, he is an absolute professional and his playing absolutely elevated my work. If you are lucky enough to work with Justin he will elevate your music too. Absolutely brilliant.” - Martin Wykes, client on SoundBetter.

Remote Recording

Innovative Cello Parts For Every Genre

Remote recordings are the most important aspect of my business and creative sphere. But why should you choose me?

1. Instant Better Mixes

       When you choose for fuller orchestration, the low panned cello roots, harmonies, and effects automatically make your song warmer and more finished sounding.

2. Save Money

       When you hire me, you are cutting out middlemen to get to the best cello for your project; and if you have something more elaborate, hiring me to orchestrate is several times less expensive than hiring multiple musicians plus an engineer like in a typical setting.

3. Work with a collaborator

       As an composer and producer myself, I love getting into the world of another artist, and pride myself on being able to tap into YOUR intention, and bring out the cello part you would play if you could.

4. Special Mic'ing Technique

       I’ve figured out a special mic’ing technique that gives a much more natural and warm sounding dry recording compared to typical cello parts.


5. Add something unique to your song.

       I’m aware of how layering will help a mix, and I always include some element of innovative or experimental playing to help make a song sparkle.


Listen to examples below, and remember that the price tier is a reference - if you have a project and are interested in transforming it with cello, send me a message with a budget and I’ll do my best to make it happen. 


"Justin's work is pure perfection! The love and dedication he puts into each project is just wonderful. I have been working with him for a couple years almost and he is still the best session player here on fiverr and he is a great dude. Highly recommended!” - Gunnar Spardel, client on Fiverr.


Bronze Level

Solo Cello
Dry Cello Melody (2 mics)
Cello Melody and Panned Roots
Cello Textures and Effects
Cello Improv Solo (Top Line)



Silver Level

String Ensemble
Dry Cello Layers for Rock Song
Dry Cello Layers for Singer Songwriter
Cello Quintet



Gold Level

String Orchestra
String Orchestra Recorded and Mixed for Composer
Original Song w/ Full Orchestration
Cello Dectet Recorded for Composer



*Every project is different; these are a reference - please inquire for a quote.


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Until next time, please enjoy my latest YouTube upload.

Justin Lepard

aka Psychedelic Cello


Photos Credits: Don and Julia Photography

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