Sample Packs, Loop Packs, and More

The Lepard Loop Library Vol. 1

The Lepard Loop Library features loops of layered cello that can take your music to the next level of strings.


Loops include 8-15 layers (stems) of cello parts over a 20-30 second loop. Includes a melody often with alternatives. Build a new song from the layers or manipulate and resample if you’d like to! 


All loops are in tune/time and range in style and feel. All are varied tempos and keys.


All samples are in tune and gain staged for normal processing. Future releases will include more tasty, experimental samples, and also a Kontakt library is not far down the road! 


Please send me what you make if you use any of these! I hope to hear what you come up with!


$40 for the whole pack, which includes a bonus track, $8 per song "a la carte” and unlimited licenses for all on purchase. 

Listen here:

Loop 1 Eb maj 104 bpm
Loop 2 E min 120 bpm
Loop 3 D maj 145 bpm
Loop 4 G min 72 bpm
Loop 5 Bb maj 136 bpm
Loop 6 Ab maj 160 bpm

Also, FREE with the Loop Library


BETA Cello Sample Pack


A fully functioning instrument of cello sounds and textures is in the works! As I continue to work on that, please enjoy this beta sample pack in the meantime.

Whoosh Pack Spinning Helicopters
Cello Trem (combined and panned)
Cello Pizz (mics combined)
Cello Hits (mics combined)
Cello Bass (mics combined:panned)
Cello Airy:Delicate (mics combined)


Cello Harmonics

Whoosh Sample Pack

Forest Sample Pack

Cello Sample Examples Full Track
Whoosh Pack Impacts
Whoosh Pack Sweeps
Forest Leaves Forest Birds
Forest Leaves Claps
Forest Leaves Sweeps
Cello Subharmonics F
Cello Harmonics G
Cello Multiphonics

Not your normal cello pack: natural harmonics, multiphonics (yes the cello can do that!), and submarmonics (unstable sound ~1 octave below fingered pitch)

Made from a bamboo stick. Great for transitions and impacts! Original gain staging so add saturation for volume.

Add sparkle to your percussion with these forest sounds and hits! Original gain staging.

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